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  • What are the requirements for Saudi to buy an apartment? i.e. documents, bank account, etc. and are there any taxes?

    The project is free hold. Usual legal documents like passport and national ID are sufficient. Real estate lease or sale is exempt of tax in Bahrain (for now as published in the Ministry of Finance website –

  • What are the facility management fees and when they will start?

    The facility management fees are approximately 0.800 fils/sq m/month. For pre-launch buyers, it will start 2 years after the completion certificate issued . Launch date is Nov 10, 2018.

  • Are the furniture or appliances included as part of the apartment cost?

    No furniture or appliances included. Only fittings like sanitary ware, tap ware, door hardware, wardrobes, cabinets; vanities. Hand over will exclude furniture, equipment, appliances; all soft furnishings, artwork; accessories and internal plants.

  • Do you provide rental management services and if yes, what are the expected related fees?

    No but we intend to provide it thorough the appointed property management, the related fees will be determined by the property management company that will be appointed for the property in the future.

  • What does the apartment’s warranty covers and for how long?

    RERA Article 34 Management and Maintenance of Property Units by the Developer.

    The Developer shall manage and maintain the sold Units for two years from the completion certificate issued date of the project.

  • What are the utilities consumption cost? (electrical, water, gas, A/C)

    Electricity and Water, from the Electricity and Water Authority; according to consumption. Gas; NA, A/C; district cooling; 0.400 fils/sqm/month fixed + usage.

  • What is the thickness of the concrete floors in the upper apartments?

    300 mm. Thick concrete slab (post tension Slab)

  • What is the thickness and structure of the walls dividing apartments?

    200mm. Thick white (light weight) Block wall.

  • What is the specification for the glass on the windows relating to heat transfer into the apartment - this is particularly relevant to this apt with so much glass - and the capability / cost of cooling

    The Golden Gate towers will have Proprietary façade system with DGU (Double Glazed Units consisting on 8mm inner pane + 12 mm air gap + 8 mm outer pane at the min) units in compliance with EWA regulations. Proposed glass shall have heat transfer coefficient less than 1.4 W/m2 k.

  • Does each main room have an HVAC controller? When off is the system off?

    All FCU will be provided with individual Thermostat. Once the set temperature is achieved CHW flow is stopped and FCU fan runs at low speed. Living / Master Bedroom / Guest Bedroom are all on individual controls offering necessary operational flexibility.

  • Plumbing systems in bathrooms - are they independent for each apartment or shared - are they connected to the next door apt ?

    All Toilet piping are connected to risers separately.

  • Lighting provided - is it high efficiency low power?

    Light fittings are with high efficiency low power
    consumption LED lamps.

  • What is the cabling specification for the ring mains - specifically high current users such as oven - heaters etc – Appropriate cable sizes shall be used for equipment as per layout

    (Wiring in apartments is with EWA approved PVC copper wires laid in PVC conduits. ) High current user equipment Oven, Dish washers, Dryer are wired with suitably current rated heavier size PVC wires.

  • Who is managing the building when handed over?

    Golden Gate is a RERA licensed development and under regulations, the Golden Gate will be supervising the appointed company for first 2 years. We will be selecting top international facility management companies, + RERA licenses management company to manage the Golden Gate and related arrangements will be finalized during the handover stage. After the initial 2 years the building will be managed by Homeowners Association through RERA licensed OA Manager.