Golden Gate is strategically situated in Bahrain Bay - a freehold real estate masterplan, where investors can own apartments 100% (applicable to all nationalities), with a high return on investment compared to other countries. Furthermore, they will get to enjoy a low cost of living which is accompanied by high comfort and tranquility.

Ownership of Non-Bahrainis


Self Sponsorship Residence Permit is issued to foreign property owners and the foreign investor which means that all investors will be able to sponsor themselves and legally reside in Bahrain according to the rules and regulations of the law in Bahrain. For more information to check the link to NPRA.

Link to NPRA Website


The Bahrain Real Estate Regulatory Authority, which overlooks all development projects and sets safety and quality standards, adds security and transparency in your investments. In addition, Golden Gate partners bring in decades of experience with a solid track record of completing projects successfully.

Regulation in the real estate sector reflects the high priority the Government is placing on the real estate sector in Bahrain.

Law No. 27 of 2017 with respect to regulation of the real estate sector in Bahrain will help deliver on a national plan for the organization of the sector through the development of a general strategy and policy to achieve the objectives of RERA.

The Law No 27 of 2017 officially came into effect on March 1, 2018.

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) will review and issue resolutions on a regular basis.

Our Developer's License Number : D201810/0066

Project License Number : DVT-201903/0014

Link to RERA Website